Conference Program


The Twenty-eighth Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference will be held on Friday-Saturday November 11-12, 2016 on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles in Royce Hall, Room 314. Invited speakers are Melanie Malzahn of the University of Vienna and Donca Steriade of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Preliminary Program


A list of conference speakers and (provisional) titles is presented below. Speakers are strongly encouraged to submit a revised  abstract (in PDF form) by 1 October  2016 for publication on line; for instructions on submitting a revised abstract, click here. The complete program, including abstracts for all presenters, will be posted here after October 1.


Francesco Burroni, Cornell University

Cutting Roots: PIE *kerh1/3, PIE *(s)ker, and the Umbrian Month Name Çersiaru

Andrea Lorenzo Covini, Università per Stranieri di Siena / Universität zu Köln

Hitt. ašāš–ḫḫi 'to seat, settle'

Margaret L. Eismeier, UCLA

The Color of Blood in Hittite Religious Ritual: An Interpretation of the Pāpanikri Ritual

Hannes Fellner, University of Vienna

Notes on Verbal Governing Compounds in Tocharian

Riccardo Ginevra, Università per Stranieri di Siena / Universität zu Köln

Old Norse Brokkr, Sanskrit Bhr̥gu–, and PIE *(s)bhr̥h2eg- 'crackle, roar'

David Goldstein, UCLA

Variation Versus Change: Clausal Clitics between Homer and Herodotus

Chris Golston, CSU Fresno

Binarity and the Greek Recessive Accent

Mark Hale, Concordia University

The Sequencing of So-called 'Second-Position' Elements

Ian Hollenbaugh, UCLA

Synchronic and Diachronic Derivation of Greek n– and nt–stem Nominative Singular Formations

Sampsa Holopainen, University of Helsinki

On the Stratification of Indo-Iranian borrowings in the Uralic languages

Joshua T. Katz, Princeton University

Toward an Indo-European Commentary on Hesiod

Paul Kiparsky, Stanford University

Cyclic and Non-cyclic Ablaut and Accent

Jared S. Klein, University of Georgia

Synchronic and Comparative Remarks on Some Lesser-Studied Features of Relativization in the Rigveda

Bernhard Koller, University of Vienna

On the Internal Structure of the Tocharian A Comitative Suffix

Tyler Lau, UC Berkeley

The Role of Frequency in Morphological Class Shift: A Case Study in Romance

John J. Lowe, University of Oxford

Sanskrit –tr̥– (PIE *–ter–/–tor–) and the Periphrastic Future

Jesse Lundquist, UCLA

Does tvátpitāraḥ = εὐπάτωρ?

Marek Majer, Harvard University

*dьl-gъ 'long' : *dьl-jьš- 'longer' and Other Caland Phenomena in the Slavic Comparative

Melanie Malzahn

Indo-European and Indo-Europeanists – The First Two Hundred Years of Indogermanistik

Teigo Onishi, UCLA and Kanehiro Nishimura, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

On Flammifer-type Compounds in Italic

Julia Sturm, Harvard University

ἵστωρ and ἑορτή: The Rough-Breathing Reflex of Greek *u̯

Donca Steriade

Quantitative Rhythmic Laws in Indo-European

Anthony D. Yates, UCLA and Sam Zukoff, MIT

Morphophonological Innovations and Constraint Re-ranking in Anatolian Reduplication



The Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference is made possible through the generosity and efforts of: