This is the schedule of the 27th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference. Commonly referred to as a “West Coast Indo-European Conference” (WeCIEC), this installment took place on Oct. 23-24, 2015 at the University of California, Los Angeles and produced a proceedings volume available here.

DatePanel ChairSpeakerTalkTimeProceedings?
Oct 23, 2015Opening Remarks9:00–9:15 AM
Steven FaulknerMatilde Serangeli (Universität zu Köln)PIE *melh₁-: Some Anatolian and Greek Thoughts9:15–9:45 AM
Daniel Kölligan (Universität zu Köln)PIE *h₂ei̯d- 'disclose, expose' and its Descendants9:45–10:15 AM
Break10:15–10:30 AM
Corey BarnesJared Klein (University of Georgia)Concatenation and Other Forms of Multiple Interstanzaic Repetition in the Rigveda10:30–11:00 AM
Jeremy Rau (Harvard University)The History of the Perfect Participle Active in PIE11:00–11:30 AM
Ryan Sandell (UCLA)Demorphologization and Prosodic Optimization in Vedic Sanskrit and Ancient Greek11:30–12:00 PM
Lunch12:00–1:30 PM
Martin Kümmel (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)Is Ancient Old and Modern New? Fallacies of Attestation and Reconstruction (with special focus on Indo-Iranian)1:30–2:30 PM
Break2:30–2:45 PM
Margaret EismeierChiara Bozzone (UCLA)Towards an Ecology of Indo-European Poetry: Weaving and the Lamentation of the Dead2:45–3:15 PM
Laura MassettiThe Belly of an Indo-European: Some Greek and Iranian Cognates of IE *merǵ- 'to divide, cut'3:15–3:45 PM
José Luis García Ramón (Universität zu Köln)Hera and Hero: Reconstructing Lexicon and God-Names3:45–4:15 PM
Break4:15–4:30 PM
Éloïse LemayTeigo Onishi (UCLA and Kanehiro Nishimura (Kyoto University)Latin crīnis and Related Forms in Germanic4:30–5:00 PM
Seán Vrieland (University of Copenhagen)Old Norse GEN SG -ar in Thematic Nouns5:00–5:30 PM
Oct 24, 2015Anthony YatesAndrea Lorenzo Covini (Università per Stranieri di Siena/Universität zu Köln)PIE *gʰeh₂- 1. 'gape', 2. 'open the mouth'9:15–9:45 AM
Jesse Lundquist (UCLA)On the Accentuation of s-Stem Adjectives in Greek and Vedic9:45–10:15 AM
Break10:15–10:30 AM
Jesse LundquistAndrew Byrd (University of Kentucky)Motivating Lindeman's Law10:30–11:00 AM
Sam Zukoff (MIT)Repetition Avoidance and the Exceptional Reduplication Patterns of Indo-European11:00–11:30 AM
Chelsea Sanker (Cornell University)Phonetic Features of the PIE 'Laryngeals': Evidence from Misperception Data of Modern Gutturals11:30–12:00 PM
Lunch12:00–1:30 PM
Elizabeth Tucker (University of Oxford)Is it Time to Re-evaluate the Contribution that the Atharvaveda can make to Indo-Iranian and Indo-European Historical Linguistics?1:30–2:30 PM
Break2:30–2:45 PM
Ian HollenbaughAnthony Yates (UCLA)On the Relationship between Stress and Vowel Quantity in Hittite2:45–3:15 PM
Laurence B-Violette (Harvard University)Hittite Topicalization and the Position of =ma3:15–3:45 PM
Alexander Nikolaev (Boston University)Anatolian Words and Forms3:45–4:15 PM
Break4:15–4:30 PM
Teigo OnishiJoseph Eska (Virginia Tech University)On Pragmatic Information Structuring at Séraucourt à Bourges (Cher) and Related Matters4:30–5:00 PM
Adam Catt (Kyoto University)Tocharian B ly(i)ptsentar: A New Class VIII Present5:00–5:30 PM
Closing Remarks5:30–5:45 PM