This is the schedule of the 13th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference. Commonly referred to as a “West Coast Indo-European Conference” (WeCIEC), this installment took place on Nov. 9–10, 2001 at the University of California, Los Angeles and produced a proceedings volume available here.

Nov. 9–10 2001James P. Mallory (Queens University, Belfast)The Semantic Worlds of Proto-Indo-European
Jay H. Jasanoff (Harvard University)TBA
Philip Baldi, Paul Harvey (Penn State University)Latin populus: A Reevaluation
Annamaria Bartolotta (University of Palermo)Toward a Reconstruction of Indo-European Culture: Semantic Functions of IE *men-
Paul-Louis van Berg, Marc Vander Linden (Université Libre de Bruxelles)Ctesias' Assyriaka: Ethnography, History or Propaganda?
Andriy Danylenko (Kharkiv University, Shevchenko Scientific Society)The Verb 'Have' in East Slavic: A Reply to Carol F. Justus' Hypothesis
Bridget Drinka (University of Texas, San Antonio)Proto-Indo-European -to- and -no-: Verbal Adjectives or Past Passive Participles?
Joseph F. Eska (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)Remarks on Linguistic Structures in the Gaulish Inscription of Châteaubleau (Seine-et-Marne)
Edwin D. Floyd (University of Pittsburgh)Who Killed Patroklos? Expressing the Inexpressible through an Inherited Formula
Jay Friedman (UCLA)Tocharian B sñor 'sinew'
Arwen Lee Hogan (University of Pittsburgh)The Modesty of Odysseus
Petri Kallio (University of Leiden)Prehistoric Contacts between Indo-European and Uralic
Iryna D. Kovalenko (Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University)The Phonetic Symbolic Meaning of the Sound Combination skr- in Ideophonic Reflexes of Indo-European Roots of the (S)KER(T)- type
Anatoly Liberman (University of Minnesota)English IVY in its Indo-European Context
Alexis Manaster Ramer (Wayne State University), Fabrice Cavoto (UCLA)Syllabic Laryngeals in Word-Final Position
Lucio Melazzo (University of Palermo)Remarks on Indo-European Syntax
Dean A. Miller (University of Rochester)Theseus and the Fourth Function
George Starostin (Russian State University for the Humanities), Ilya S. Yakubovich (University of California, Berkeley)Constraining Brugmann's Law
Heidi Waltz (University of California, Riverside)Language and Literature: Transitivization as Reliefgebung
Kazuhiko Yoshida (Kyoto University)Observations on Some Cuneiform Spellings: Epithetic or Graphic?