This is the schedule of the 24th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference. Commonly referred to as a “West Coast Indo-European Conference” (WeCIEC), this installment took place on Oct. 26-27, 2012 at the University of California, Los Angeles and produced a proceedings volume available here.

DatePanel ChairSpeakerTalkTimeProceedings?
Oct 26, 2012Opening Remarks9:00–9:15 AM
Jessica DeLisiCalvert Watkins (UCLA)Aspects of the 'Expressive Dimension' in Indo-European: toward a Comparative Grammar of Speech Registers9:15–9:45 AM
Craig Melchert (UCLA)Ablaut Patterns in the Hittite hi-Conjugation9:45–10:15 AM
Break10:15–10:30 AM
Bernhard KollerHans Henrich Hock (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)Come and Get It: the Indo-European Background of the Vedic éta...stávāma Construction10:30–11:00 AM
Timothy Barnes (Harvard University)Tocharian and Indo-European Textual Reconstruction11:00–11:30 AM
Yasuko Suzuki (Kansai Gaidai University)Clitic Verbs in Early Germanic: Evidence from Old English Beowulf11:30–12:00 PM
Lunch12:00–1:30 PM
Nobert Oettinger (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)Before Noah: Possible Cosmogonic Elements in Proto-Indo-Iranian and PIE1:30–2:30 PM
Break2:30–2:45 PM
Steven FaulknerThomas Steer (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)Some Remarks on the Derivation of Amphikinetic Collectives2:45–3:15 PM
John J. Lowe (University of Oxford)Transitive' Nominals in Avestan3:15–3:45 PM
Break3:45–4:00 PM
Elizabeth ThorntonElizabeth Tucker (University of Oxford)Old Persian asabāra- 'horse-borne, RV kṣīrapāka- 'cooked in milk', and the restructuring of vowel quantities in Indo-Iranian thematic verbal nouns4:00–4:30 PM
Joshua Katz (Princeton University)Gods and Vowels4:30–5:00 PM
Oct 27, 2012Jennifer DialAndrew Byrd (University of Kentucky)It's Complicated': the Relationship between Syllabification and Morphology in PIE9:15–9:45 AM
Mattyas Huggard (UCLA)On Reconstructing PIE *kʷi-/kʷo-9:45–10:15 AM
Break10:15–10:30 AM
Anna PagéSarah Morris (UCLA)From Kizzuwatna to Troy: Putuhepa, Piyamaradu, and Anatolian Echoes in Homer10:30–11:00 AM
Mary Bachvarova (Willamette University)The Development of Indo-European Solar Myth11:00–11:30 AM
Alexander Forte (Harvard University)Speech from Tree and Rock: Indo-European Formula or Bronze Age Metaphor?11:30–12:00 PM
Lunch12:00–1:30 PM
Jeremy Rau (Harvard University)Greek Dialects in the 2nd Millennium BCE1:30–2:30 PM
Break2:30–2:45 PM
Toru MinamimotoPetra Goedegebuure (University of Chicago)Hittite Noun Phrases in Focus2:45–3:15 PM
Cynthia Johnson (The Ohio State University)Multiple Antecedent Agreement: A Comparative Study of Greek and Latin3:15–3:45 PM
Break3:45–4:00 PM
Jesse LundquistAlexandr Piperski (Moscow State University)Vowel Lengthening in Slavic Nominal Prefixes4:00–4:30 PM
Daniel Kölligan (Universität zu Köln)PIE *seh₁- 'loose, unyoke', *seh₁ḱ- 'arrive' and Gk. ἦκα, ἥκω, Arm. hasanem4:30–5:00 PM
Chiara Bozzone (UCLA), Clara Felisari (Trinity College Dublin)Initial 'Jod' in Greek and the Etymology of Gk. ἵππος 'horse'5:00–5:30 PM
Closing Remarks5:30–6:00 PM