This is the schedule of the 25th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference. Commonly referred to as a “West Coast Indo-European Conference” (WeCIEC), this installment took place on Oct. 25-26, 2013 at the University of California, Los Angeles and produced a proceedings volume available here.

DatePanel ChairSpeakerTalkTimeProceedings?
Oct 25, 2013Opening Remarks8:45–9:00 AM
Chiara BozzoneOswald Panagl (Universität Salzburg)Vocativi diaboli9:00–9:30 AM
Thomas Steer (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)On the Origin of PIE Local Adjectives in *-mnó-9:30–10:00 AM
Laura Grestenberger (Harvard University)Split deponency' in Proto-Indo-European10:00–10:30 AM
Break10:30–10:45 AM
Jesse LundquistHartmut Scharfe (UCLA)Devas and Asuras10:45–11:15 AM
Elizabeth Thornton (UCLA)Indo-Iranian Elements in Vasiṣṭha's Compositional Technique11:15–11:45 AM
Timothy Barnes (Harvard University)Vedic dhiṣáṇā-11:45–12:15 PM
Lunch12:15–1:45 PM
Gerhard Meiser (Universität Halle)Rare Latin Words1:45–2:45 PM
Break2:45–3:00 PM
Tracy Jamison WoodAlexander Nikolaev (Boston University)Greek ἀμαυρός and Indo-European *meh₂- 'great', *meh₂i- 'to be/become great'3:00–3:30 PM
Sam Zukoff (MIT)On the Origins of Attic Reduplication3:30–4:00 PM
Alexander Forte, Caley Smith (Harvard University)Vision, Thought and Poetry in Late PIE: A Case Study of *dʰyeh₂-4:00–4:30 PM
Break4:30–4:45 PM
Mattyas HuggardChris Golston (California State University (Fresno)The Placement of Pronominal Clitics in Early Greek4:45–5:15 PM
Tom Recht (University of California (Berkeley)The Discourse Functions of Verb-initial Clauses in Classical Greek5:15–5:45 PM
Anthony Yates (UCLA)On the PIE 'Quasi-Serial Verb' Construction: Origin and Development5:45–6:15 PM
Oct 26, 2013Elizabeth ThorntonPeter Barber (University of Oxford)Sievers' Law and the Weight of Obstruent Clusters9:30–10:00 AM
Adam Catt (Kyoto University)Root-final Consonant Variation in Avestan10:00–10:30 AM
Chundra Cathcart (University of California (Berkeley)The Undoing of Bartholomae's Law and Similar Developments in Avestan and Iranian10:30–11:00 AM
Break11:00–11:15 AM
Anna PagéAurelijus Vijūnas (National Kaohsiung Normal University)The Long Vowel in West Germanic *hlūdV-: An Alternative Interpretation11:15–11:45 AM
Jessica DeLisi (UCLA)On Deriving Classical Armenian Prosody and Epenthesis from Proto-Indo-European11:45–12:15 PM
Lunch12:15–1:45 PM
Philomen Probert (University of Oxford)Indo-Hittite and Standard Average European (and relative clauses)1:45–2:45 PM
Break2:45–3:00 PM
Éloïse LemayJohn Lowe (University of Oxford)Aorist Participles in the Rigveda3:00–3:30 PM
Ryan Sandell (UCLA)Vedic Perfect Weak Stems of the Form C₁eC₂-3:30–4:00 PM
Jesse Lundquist (UCLA)Rigvedic uṣar and Indo-European Locatival *-er4:00–4:30 PM
Break4:30–4:45 PM
Anthony YatesBernhard Koller (UCLA)On the Status of the Particle ne in Tocharian A Clause Structure4:45–5:15 PM
Hannes Fellner (Universität Wien)The Tocharian Adjectives in B-tse A-ts5:15–5:45 PM
Closing Remarks5:45–6:00 PM