Research Interests

  • Mycenaean Greek, Aegean Scripts, Historical Phonology, Etymology, Psycholinguistics.

Additional Study

  • 2019-2020: Visiting MA student, Erasmus+ program, Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).
  • 2017-2018: Visiting BA student, Erasmus+ program, University College London (UCL).

Additional activities

  • October 2019-present: Invited participant in the Meetings on Aegean Studies (MASt) held at Center for Hellenic Studies – Harvard University, Washington DC.
  • June-December 2019: Assistant Editor, for R. Pierini-A. Bernabé-M. Ercoles (eds), Thronos. Historical Grammar of Furniture in Mycenaean and Beyond, Pàtron, Bologna 2019 (upcoming).



  • 2020: Scribal errors in Linear B texts: genesis and typology between linguistic competence and redactional context (Ita.: Gli errori scribali nei testi in Lineare B: genesi e tipologia tra competenza linguistica e contesto redazionale) – MA thesis. Advisors: Rachele Pierini, Eugenio Ramón Luján Martínez, Camillo Neri.
  • 2018: Studies on the Vocalic Resonants in Mycenaean and Alphabetic Greek (Ita.: Ricerche sulle sonanti vocalizzate nel miceneo e nel greco alfabetico) – BA thesis. Advisors: Rachele Pierini, Camillo Neri.


  • March 2020* [postponed until a later date due to COVID-19]: The PIE Radical *tr̥-: Evidences from Mycenaean Greek Compounds, in the 6th Indo-European Research Conference (IERC 6), held in Cologne.
  • March 2020: La vocalización de las sonantes indoeuropeas en micénico (Eng.: Indo-European Vocalic Resonants in Mycenaean Greek), in the 8th Ganimedes Congress, held in Santiago de Compostela.


  • June 2018: Postgate Prize 2018 as the best student in Historical Linguistics of the academic year 2017/2018, University College London – Department of Greek and Latin